We offer many services that will help you bring your music to the world.  For most services, we require that artists already have a web presence (beyond Twitter and Facebook) and music available online, free or through an online store such as iTunes, Napster, Amazon, or other major/independent sites.  Contact us for more details.

Free Consultation:

We are available for a free initial consultation to discuss your vision and expectations.  We are selective and will only work with artists whose music and image meet S&H’s standards:

  • Unique
  • Progressive
  • Creative

Writing Services:

How will the media know who you are without a proper introduction? We specialize in writing and distributing effective press releases and bios.

Media Relations:

Not all artists are prepared or skilled to handle the media. We can represent you or your product in phone or print interviews, giving you the time you need to focus on your art without distractions or stress.

Media Training:

You may be a great artist but your public persona can make you or break you.  Our media training program will prepare you to present yourself to the public in the best light.  We specialize in media interviews, enhanced verbal and non-verbal communication, relating to diverse audiences, voice and tone, articulation and projection, one-on-one and small group mock interviews. Training sessions will be recorded and reviewed for critique.

Artist Development:

Even talented artists need to polish their acts.  We will bring the best out of you through our artist development program.  With focus on areas ranging from songwriting and stage presence to voice and delivery, we help you develop the talent you need to establish yourself as a quality artist.



Each client has different needs.  After an initial consultation, and when we have determined your needs, we will then be able to give you a quote.  Contact us for more details.



For more information about S&H Public Relations, visit us at  You can also contact us at or 310-654-1681.



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